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General information

We are a leading global manufacturer and suppliers of cricketing equipmentWe distribute our products primarily through our distributors and dealers whereas some of our products are also available online through our website (

While purchasing our products, please make sure to follow the instructions provided with each product and additional information published on the website (particularly regarding the properties, selection and use of the product).

Warranty period

Our liability is limited exclusively to the obligations described here. The legal warranty applies only to defects that occur during the warranty period. This period is six months and starts when the goods are handed over to customer.


DSC offers a 6 months warranty on the blade and handles for any damage incurred during normal use. But, as English Willow is a naturally soft timber, slight damage i.e. face cracks or slight dents are normal while playing. However, this damage can be minimised by thorough preparation along with proper use and maintenance.

Most of the damages to cricket bats can be repaired by the expert bat makers. Damaged bats will be repaired or replaced if damage is result of manufacturing defect and not due to the fault of the customer. All claims for damaged bats will be assessed by DSC and a decision regarding repair or replacement will be at our discretion.

Damages not covered by warranty:

  • Damage due to excessive use against bowling machine balls : The balls used in these machines are hard and can damage the bats and even break handles. DSC recommends using an old bat while practising against bowling machine balls. It would also help if you use face and edge protection on your bat. Damage due to heavy use will void the warranty.
  • Damage due to Mis-hit & mistimed shots: Blocking Yorkers with force or Leading edges are very common in this game and these can cause damage to the toe, edges, handle and shoulders of your bat. We can reduce this damage by using high quality balls, and try hitting  out of the middle of bat. It must be noted that wood is a natural product and it is not indestructible, so, damage caused by mis-hits & mistimed shots will not be covered under warranty.
  • Damage due to moisture in toe / blade: Some times the toe of the bat swells up as a result of playing in wet conditions. Moisture damage can lead to further damage such as splits and dints. Such damage may be repairable at a cost, long lasting repairs can’t be guaranteed due to nature of environment. Damage due to moisture into toe of bat may be minimised by applying Toe Guard at bottom of the bat. 
  • Damage due to Dry/heat conditions: Heat conditions also affect the wood of bat. For example, if you leave your bat in a car boot where temperature may become very high, then your bat can dry out and become brittle as such it would be more prone to cracks along the edges and toe. Cricket bats apparently damaged due to extreme heat/dry conditions will not be covered by the warranty. You may avoid such damage through oiling before and during every cricket season. While oiling, any protection tape on your bat should be removed. Also, storing bat at a cool but dry place would help maintaining consistent moisture level in the willow. 
  • Insufficient preparation / oiling: Your bat after purchase needs proper preparation. Even pre-knocked in bats need some knocking at nets before playing regular games. Oiling at regular intervals is also required for boosting performance of bat and maintaining optimum level of moisture. If you start playing immediately without preparing your bat for the big game, it may result in severe damage and that will not be covered under warranty.
  • Unprotected bat: You should keep your bat protected after preparing it for big games. DSC recommends to apply tape on face and edges of the bat to keep it protected. Also toe guard is recommended to be applied at bottom of the bat. Any damage to bat due its being unprotected would not be covered under warranty.
  • Cheap & hard balls: One of the major causes of bat damage is the use of cheap and hard balls while practising / playing. Any damage to the bat due to use of cheap and hard balls is not covered under warranty. It is recommended to use only high quality balls from reputed suppliers like DSC only.  
  • Severe edging: Damage due to repeated severe edging of the ball is not covered under warranty. Edge taping greatly reduces the chances of damage due to repeated severe edging. So, it is recommended to use DSC protective tapes for minimising this damage.  


2. Cricket Protectives Warranty: Gloves / Pads / Thigh pads / Arm guards / Chest guards

All Cricket protective items of DSC come with a 6 month warranty that covers a split in the seam or the stitching. However, this warranty does not cover wear and tear, or damage due to heavy use. The final decision to warranty will be at the discretion of DSC.

3. Cricket Shoes Warranty

All DSC cricket shoes come with a 6 month warranty for damages due to manufacturing faults and this warranty covers a split seam or stitching, spike blow out or separation of sole. However, this warranty does not cover wear and tear, or heavy use. The final decision to warranty will be at the discretion of DSC.

4. Cricket Helmets Warranty

All DSC cricket helmets are covered by a 6 month warranty. This warranty  covers size adjuster breakage. However, any damage caused by the impact of a ball will not be covered under this warranty. The final decision to warranty will be at the discretion of DSC.

5. Cricket Bags

All DSC cricket bags are covered by a 6 month warranty for split seam or stitching, faulty zipper and faulty wheel(s). However, damage due to excessive wear and tear will not be covered under this warranty. The final decision to warranty will be at the discretion of DSC

Exclusions to the warranty:

Warranty for all the DSC products would be void in case of following:

  • Normal wear and tear of the product
  • Improper transport or improper storage by the customer or the logistics company
  • Improper or incorrect use or insufficient/improper maintenance and product care.
  • Defects caused by non-compliance with the user manual
  • Defects caused by incorrect assembly or incorrect adjustment
  • Modifications made to the product by the buyer
  • Damage by sharp objects, torsional stress, compression, a fall, abnormal pressure or other influences, paint /chemical

Warranty claims

All warranty claims are non-transferable. As soon as you find the defect, please contact the dealer from whom you had purchased the product and bring them the defective product as well as the original purchase receipt.

If you have purchased the product from our DSC UK online portal (, please contact our customer service team by email.

Proof of purchase must be submitted with warranty claim and it must contain the date of purchase, the name and address of the dealer and the full name of the product. DSC or the dealer reserve the right to refuse warranty claims if the original purchase receipt is not provided or is incomplete or illegible.

If a warranty claim is accepted, DSC or the dealer will either repair or replace the product free-of-charge. DSC or the dealer are entitled to decide how to process the warranty claim.

DSC reserves the right to replace the warranty claim product with a comparable product of comparable value if the product is no longer available or repairing the product would incur unreasonably high costs.

Exemption from liability

We accept no liability for damage or consequential damage resulting from the use of the product, regardless of whether such a claim is based on the purchase contract, on a legal warranty claim or on negligence, or whether the claim concerns damage to property with the exception of the product itself, loss in relation to the use of the product or another asset object or loss of profit.