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Cricket Pads in UK

Cricket or Batting pads are essential equipment for any cricket player. They protect the legs of batsmen from potential injuries caused by the hard leather ball. While buying batting pads, it is important to keep a few factors in mind to make the right choice.

How to Choose the Best Batting Pads?


Safety is the primary concern while buying batting pads. For maximum safety, look for batting pads made of polyurethane and PVC. These materials not only offer good protection but also make the pads lightweight and easy to clean.

Comfort and Size

Comfort is crucial while playing cricket, and therefore the batting pads you choose should be comfortable and of the right size. Uncomfortable pads can hamper your performance and make it difficult to bat for long periods. Different sizes of batting pads are available in the market to cater to players of all ages and sizes.


In addition to protection and comfort, many players like to choose batting pads that look good and match their style. Funky and colourful designs are available to add a touch of flair to your game.

DSC Cricket Pads

DSC is a renowned brand in the world of cricket equipment. Their batting pads are of exceptional quality, offering both protection and comfort. DSC batting pads have a traditional cane construction for maximum shock absorption, and both vertical and horizontal bolsters have low-density foams. Cotton-filled knee rolls provide extra cushioning to the knees. DSC offers two and three-strap batting pads in various sizes to cater to players' comfort and convenience.

Cricket Pads FAQs

Q1. What is the difference between keeping pads and batting pads?

Ans. Batting pads have wings to protect the knee areas and are lightweight despite being big in size. In contrast, wicket-keeping pads have wings on the outside of pads to protect the shin bone.

Q2. How do I choose batting pads?

Ans. Comfort, size, protection, and price are some of the factors to consider while choosing batting pads.

Q3. Do cricket pads have to be white?

Ans. The color of cricket pads depends on the game format. In red-ball cricket, it is mandatory to wear white batting pads, whereas in white-ball cricket, colored pads are allowed.

Q4. How do I know if batting pads fit properly?

Ans. The knee roll should come over your knee, and the pad should rest on top of your foot.

Q5. What is the cost of cricket batting pads?

Ans. The cost of cricket batting pads varies depending on the brand and the quality. DSC offers top-notch batting pads at an affordable price."