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Batting Gloves in UK

Batting gloves are essential for cricketers, providing grip and protection during gameplay. They also help absorb sweat, preventing the gloves from slipping and ensuring a comfortable grip. Premium quality batting gloves, such as those from DSC, are recommended for all cricketers.

Cricket Batting Gloves Terminology

There are several important components of cricket batting gloves, including finger padding, finger cuts, palm, strap, and sweat cuff. The padding material used in each glove can differ, with options such as foam and cotton available. Leather palms offer better grip and comfort than cotton, though they are often more expensive.

Straps are used to tie the gloves to the player's hand to prevent slipping, while sweat cuffs absorb moisture during play.

Batting Gloves Buying Guide

Choosing the right pair of batting gloves can be a challenge. Keep the following factors in mind when shopping:

Right-Handed or Left-Handed: Choose gloves that fit your preferred hand, whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

Size: Properly sized gloves are essential for comfortable and effective gameplay. The table below provides a rough guide for sizing:

Small junior: 16.5 cm

Junior: 17.5 cm

Youth: 19 cm

Adult: 21 cm

Professionals: 22.5 cm

Remember to check the sizing chart before purchasing gloves, as each player's hand size is different.

Correct Type: Choose between sausage finger and split-finger gloves depending on your playing style and the pitch conditions. Sausage finger gloves offer more protection on bouncy pitches, while split-finger gloves are more flexible and allow for greater range of motion.

Best Place to Buy Batting Gloves

DSC is a top manufacturer of cricket equipment, including high-quality batting gloves. With its own manufacturing unit and experienced craftsmen paying attention to every detail, DSC's gloves are a great option for any cricketer. Browse the collection of DSC batting gloves on our website.

Batting Gloves FAQs

1Q. Which cricket batting gloves are best for UK location?

Ans. For the UK location, DSC BULL 31 Batting Gloves for Men is a recommended option.

2Q. Which leather is best for cricket gloves?

Ans. Premium quality English Pittards WR100X leather is commonly used in cricket gloves.

3Q. Can cricket batting gloves be washed?

Ans. Yes, gloves can be washed with non-alcoholic detergent when dirty.

4Q. How do you keep batting gloves soft?

Ans. Air drying is the best method for keeping gloves soft and in their original size.

5Q. Which batting gloves are used by top cricketers?

Ans. Each cricketer has their own preference, but MRF Grand Edition batting gloves are used by Virat Kohli.