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Cricket Shoes in the UK

As per a recent study, a cricketer runs for around 2-5 km in a single match. Additionally, cricketers spend hours standing on the field while batting and fielding. To bear the pressure on knees and ankles, one needs good quality cricket shoes. Premium quality cricket shoes not only provide comfort but also improve your game. For instance, good quality cricket shoes can improve a batsman's stance and posture, while for bowlers, it can improve their runups. If you're looking for good quality cricket shoes in the UK, here's what you need to know.

How to Check the Quality of Cricket Shoes?

Finding the perfect pair of cricket shoes can be a daunting process that requires a lot of research. To make things easier for you, we've listed a few points to keep in mind while buying cricket shoes.

Upper Material

When buying cricket shoes, always opt for high-quality upper material. In the UK, some of the good quality upper materials for shoes include microfiber, polyethylene, and high-quality synthetic materials.


Cricketers stand a lot, and good cushioning is crucial to take the pressure off their legs and provide comfort. Look for cricket shoes with good cushioning, especially in the heel and midsole.


When buying cricket shoes, consider stability as well. Good stability can help reduce pronation during bowling.


Proper ventilation is crucial for cricket shoes as it helps prevent odors and keeps your feet fresh. Always buy cricket shoes in the UK that offer proper ventilation and air passage.


Choose the type of spikes depending on whether you are a batsman or a bowler. For batsmen, half spikes are perfect, while bowlers should opt for full spikes as they provide better grip.

DSC Cricket Shoes in the UK

DSC is a prominent sports brand trusted by professional and budding cricketers in India and now in the UK. With decades of experience in offering sports goods and equipment, DSC has a large collection of cricket shoes. The unique quality of DSC cricket shoes is they are manufactured in-house, ensuring the highest quality standards.

DSC offers both rubber studs and metal spikes cricket shoes, with easily removable and replaceable spikes. The exotic designs of DSC cricket shoes are attractive and provide the utmost comfort and stability to players.

How Much Should You Spend on Cricket Shoes?

The money you spend on cricket shoes depends on your playing level. If you're a beginner, start with standard shoes and upgrade as you progress. Professional and international cricket players should not compromise on the quality and buy the best quality cricket shoes.

Cricket Shoes FAQ's in the UK

Q1. What shoes does Joe Root wear?

Ans. Joe Root is the brand ambassador of New Balance and wears New Balance cricket shoes. The price of Joe Root's cricket shoes ranges between £80 to £150.

Q2. Where can I buy cricket shoes online in the UK?

Ans. You can buy cricket shoes online in the UK from the official website of DSC.

Q3. Why do fast bowlers cut their shoes?

Ans. Fast bowlers cut their shoes to allow their toes to move freely and prevent injuries, as there is high pressure on the landing foot.

Q4. Why do cricket shoes have spikes?

Ans. The primary reason for having spikes on cricket shoes is to offer better grip. Since cricket involves running, a better grip is essential.

Q5. Can I remove spikes from my cricket shoes?

Ans. Yes, you can easily remove spikes from your cricket shoes. There are two types of cricket spikes - metal spikes and rubber spikes. Always make sure your shoes have spikes before entering the field.